Technique what arrange your application portfolio to service oriented architecture (SOA) and help your infrastructure to become dynamic, easily scalable and cost efficient.

We help our customers to analyze and prepare plan for transition from monolithic application world to microservices. We design infrastructure and systems for easy development and fast deployment while keeping costs low as possible.

To achieve all the goals of proper DevOps organization most of the processes are automated as much as possible so there are minimal requirements for Ops team. We rely on the two most famous platform in docker world - Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.


  1. Service discovery and load balancing
  2. Secret and configuration management
  3. Storage orchestration
  4. Horizontal scaling
  5. Automated rollouts and rollbacks
  6. Self-healing

Docker Swarm

  1. Service discovery and load balancing
  2. Cluster management integrated with Docker Engine
  3. Decentralized design and scaling
  4. Rolling updates and rollbacks
  5. Desired state reconciliation
  6. Secure by default